fragrance and high maintenance

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IG: nyahxoxo_ "Today's pain, is tomorrow's strength."


Tumblr should warn us when we reblog the same picture 2 times.

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Me:*sits on the park bench next to Drake* Sup papi
Drake:Nothin much
Me:I can see that.
Drake:whats that supposed to mean?
Me:oh im just sayin thats its a lot of nothin with u lately
Me:wheres views from the 6?
Drake:*starts sweatin* what?
Me:Your album papi. Where is it?
Drake:its uh..its in the works..
Me:I see. So.. you gotta release date or something gimme a little timeline?
Drake:You heard 0-100 right?
Me:Oh yeah I heard but I thought u just needed a rhyme or something because if u think im waiting till spring 2015 u got another thing comin playboy
Drake:u know what? I got somewhere to be *tries to stand up*
Me:*yanks him back down by the hem of his luxurious cashmere sweater*
Me:*lets go of his sweater* aight u can go.
Drake:*stands up*
Me:I like them timbs by the way
Drake:*sighs and kicks off his boots*
Me*picks them up* I'll be seein you champagne.
Drake:*under his breath* I cant stand this bitch
Me:*trying on my new timbs* keep playin and imma come for that chain


when I love, I love hard.
I’m a giver, idc if I don’t receive
much I’ll still give you the world.
but when I’m done with you I’m done.
and that’s the saddest thing.

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